How To Get Rid of Internet Explorer Permanently? Here’s How

Youtube is a tool for entertainment, business and even personal blogging. This star of the night is not actually inspiring, nor funny, nor too disgusting not especially educating. However, this Youtube sensation is creating an online buzz because of his immeasurable insanity – take note of the adjective right there.

How To Basic, a Youtube and Facebook sensation with over 5.6 million subscribers and garnered 810 million views since December 2010, becomes a mainstream globally after his videos spread on Facebook. Absolutely, they are not that funny because no words are said on all of his videos, not that disgusting because some are still entertaining and not too educating because it is basically a whole couple of minutes of craziness. But let us make your minds dwell on how this Youtube star makes his videos. Before that let us introduce you to the world of How To Basic:

Are you getting tired of using Internet Explorer? After Windows 10 was released, people are now eyeing for the newest browsing interface – the Microsoft Edge. However, this is nonetheless a cover up of the usual slow browsing platform we know since we were around 15 years younger when the dial-up connection was still our only choice of connecting with people. Too insane right? Thanks to the upgradable broadband we have today.

How to uninstall Internet Explorer. . , on a very creative way:

What you watched may be intensely hard to digest, so let us give you a tutorial on how to freshen and chill up with this Frozen Coke. How To Basic enticed the beauty of molding a new masterpiece for people who are getting way farfetched of his videos. Try grabbing some popcorns after this, because it is not what you’ll just enjoy, but it is something to cool you down – really.

How to Quickly Make a Frozen Coke:

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You ‘Cant Feel My Face’ When You Hear These Hilarious Parodies

After The Weeknd’s successful ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ soundtrack ‘Earned It’, it is another blockbuster, skyrocketing sales for ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. The rhythm of the music surrounds both entertainment and hidden essence. With such, there are more or less thousands of parodies were uploaded online.

Bart Baker, a Youtube sensation, garnered more than 3.5 million views and 86 thousand likes on his parody of the said song. The parody artist has over 6.6 million subscribers up to date and over 1.7 billion views in total since he started in 2006. In his case, that he has been creating Youtube videos nine years ago, now it is 2015, it is nonetheless a perfect score!

Watch his video here:

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Meanwhile, another Youtube shining star Will Power created his perfect parody of the same song on Sept. 24, now it is around 49 thousand views with nearly two thousand likes and of course, it is still counting.

The aspiring artist, who we believe will rock the world in nine years, the same as Baker’s, is quite impressive for a five year stay on Youtubing.

Listen to his crazy parody below:

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Mars Has Water And It Is Official, But NASA Is Skeptical Of The Next Expedition

Mars possibly could be a habitat of other extra-terrestrial bodies. How come? Because it is already proven by NASA that water exists on our red neighbor. This reality can be the answer to the questions if life really exists on the planet. Moreover, NASA has already divulged that some microbes are existing on the planet as well – to which further studies could theorize that we do really have neighbors.

With the expedition on the red planet molding, the European Space Agency is now critical in making sure that the next expos must be carefully calculated. There are some hypotheses that Mars carries a lot of different bacteria that are not known to man, so it is better, according to the experts, that if astronauts would land on the said planet to acquire water samples, they must be completely sterilized.

On the sterilization part, the astronauts must undergo series of ultra-violet-ray cleansing. According the NASA, if this so happens, it may damage the gadgets attached to the suits so it is indeed risky. If this would pursue and that the space officials spread out more microbes, contaminating the whole planet is evidently the result. With no doubts, the people of NASA and European Space Agency are trying their best to isolate the information and the possibilities to explore the life in Mars further.

In clarification, the space agencies are assured that the Curiosity river, the way they call it where they believe the water comes from, is not as those oceans on Earth. Moreover, they could not force the entire expedition to take place because to be honest . . , the lives of the “possible Martians” and earthlings are at risk.

12 Great Ways To Break Up With Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

People nowadays tend to assume that being involved in a relationship is easy. But many also believes that it’s tough. The answer? Neither is correct. A relationship is never easy nor difficult, but in the aspects of loving and having someone beside you all the time, is just what all that matters. There’s not much time to consider the aspects of positivity or negativity. But wait. If you fell from the trap and you feel like leaving the relationship soon enough, check this out.

Do you know how to break up with your “former” special someone? Thanks to Ryan Higa for expounding the twelve worst ways to break up with someone.

Breaking up is basically the hardest processes in the whole entire of relationship-hood. What is that term? It’s a new term we just invested to emphasize one of the most complicated things but thanks to Ryan Higa there’s something fun on breaking up.

Well, do you believe in happy endings? If not, think again.

If you he made you laugh even just for a moment, might as well follow him on his channel over here, and enjoy more of his silly but cool videos. You are absolutely crazy Ryan. Cheers to you!

The LGBT community has done a lot of things in order for the community to accept gender equality all over the world. It is an absolute acceptable that nowadays a lot of gay and lesbians over the social media and YouTube videos. But let’s set aside from the issues and just watch this famous gay Filipino Instagram and Youtube star.

Bretman Rock started working on Vines and Instagram, and now he has more than 1 million followers on the Facebook-owned photo platform. However, this is not what we will be showing today.

If you just came from work and just so tired, watch Bretman with her sister Princess play the “Whisper Challenge.” This game is basically just thinking of what the other is saying. Is this a dumb video, show your reactions on the comments below. By the way, this is all just for fun:

Do you find it cool? Watch these two short videos of Bretman’s humor while slaying his on-sleek contour:

Homophobia Attributed to Psychoticism: Anger, aggression and hostility

Homophobia is something that all people are quite curious about. Is it natural to a human being to hate gays or lesbians? Considering that the modern age has begun and that same-sex marriage are now absolutely legalized, is homophobia still acceptable? A new study suggests that this illness can develop some signs of psychoticism and other coping irregularities.

According to Yahoo News, “This doesn’t mean that homophobic people are psychotic; rather, psychoticism is a personality trait marked by hostility, anger and aggression toward others. But the study does suggest that people who cling to homophobic views have some psychological issues, said lead researcher Emmanuele Jannini, an endocrinologist and medical sexologist at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.”

Believe it or not, the subject as stated on ‘Journal of Sexual Medicine, written by Jannini, homophobia is somehow driven from the fact that the person who has this may have had confusions of his gender preference himself.

Moreover, it was said that homophobia is somehow developing such difficulties in the person’s coping mechanisms in such a way that he/she doesn’t understand how same-sex works.

“The researchers surveyed 551 Italian university students, of ages between 18 and 30. Each student was given a questionnaire, and was required to rate (on a scale of 1 to 5) how strongly they agreed or disagreed with various statements. The anonymous surveys were then used to gauge the students’ levels of homophobia, depression, anxiety and psychoticism,” Telegraph reported.

“Examples of the statements posed include: Gay people make me nervous; I think homosexual people should not work with children; I tease and makes jokes about gay people; It does not matter to me whether my friends are gay or straight.”

Needless to say, that temperamental people, who usually exuberate anger on the slightest things, those who show hostility, are associated with homophobia. Another question would build up: Is there a cure for homophobia?

Fire and foremost, the causes of homophobia have not been scientifically proven through heredity: checking DNAs. But the environmental influence wherein religion, government, age and low level of education are the factors why this is present to humans.

It is already known that homophobia is a sickness that is only present in human beings. Having this said, it is well known that animals – considering some aquatic creatures like seahorses – don’t judge and deprive those homosexuals.

According to AllAboutCounceling, “There are a variety of professional treatment options for homophobia. These include behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, exposure therapy, relaxation techniques and medication. No matter what treatment option you choose, researching an option that best fits your lifestyle is important.

Homophobia cannot only hold you back in your life, it can also hold back others around you. This condition is not only an extreme or irrational fear of gay or lesbian people, it is also usually coupled with a hatred or outspoken disapproval of their homosexual relationships. This has recently become a large issue in our society and especially in LGBT communities. Making the effort for change will make a huge difference in your personal life, usually resulting in a more calm and collected composure in previously perceived stressful situations.”

Playstation 5, Xbox Two Release Dates set this year? Apple to Join the Battle of Gaming Consoles

Playstation 5 and Xbox Two release dates are yet to be unveiled. The highly anticipated gaming consoles however have not received a finality on their specs and on their respective launches. There is a point in waiting; because Microsoft’s former head has told that it’s possible.

Of course, Playstation 4 and Xbox One aren’t stopping as final releases by Sony and Microsoft, respectively. In the sense that both consoles are having a good bloodbath in terms of sales and revenues, it is evident that both companies are planning on unveiling the next generation by this year.

Last year, Xbox One has received high revenues due to an abundant number of exclusive games and DLC packs. Sony would not let Microsoft slip off the game, nonetheless.

According to International Business Times, Sony will be releasing their cheapest and latest gaming console – The Playstation 5. Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed that they are patenting the best advancements they could ever think of on their next launching.

Moreover, the site cited a report that disc drives can be removed and instead, the console will be using streaming services instead. This, however, won’t be a good idea if that’s the case because some service providers would be having glitches in the sense that many people are uploading games. Being the liaison, it would be tough for some streaming providers to operate the volume of gamers and maintain its strength.

“Steam on PC has taught us that disc drives are becoming less and less necessary,” Sony’s former mag editor said. “But, I cannot see them being phased out completely for a while yet. People love their boxed products and ‘experts’ have been predicting the ‘imminent’ demise of the CD for more than 20 years.”

Moreover, if game discs shall be removed, more marketers of cds will be raising disputes. Special edition packs or DLC packs may be available for streaming or online downloading, but we don’t think taking the disk feature would be helpful.

Taking on the path of unveiling thinner gaming consoles would be possible or even a better Kinect on the side of Xbox. Meanwhile, changes on the game controllers would be possible. Adding some features from Wii is quite a change, may not be an advancement, but the concept may be helpful. Some surprising features may involve the use of smartphones.

Apple, for the meantime, is eyed to develop their own gaming console. This would definitely ignite another tough competition with Microsoft and Sony, respectively from the computers and smartphones industry.

There are some guesses and reports that sooner or later this year, Sony and Microsoft will be releasing the newest gaming consoles – Playstation 5 and Xbox Two, respectively.

The Anatomy of a Viral Video

As some puts it, any thing that lives online doesn’t always stay long. Stuff online sometimes linger, but most often it dies out after a few days or weeks. Almost everyday new memes, videos, photos or sound bites come out – basically, because of the profoundness of the cyber space, you just can’t stay relevant for a very long time.

It may seem very easy, but for a content to get viral isn’t an easy feat. Of course there are those that came from no where and just coincidentally went viral, but in a marketer’s perspective, relying on coincidence shouldn’t even be considered. There’s a process and science to make one’s content viral. And once perfected, you can certainly launch a campaign that will definitely go viral.

We’ve gathered literatures from several reputable sources that will let us understand what are the basic components and qualities for a content to go viral.

To start off, let’s know what are the things to be considered before we can call an item to be viral. Here’s how Rob Burke, an editor at Sundog Interactive, describes it.


For a video to be considered viral you look at time and views. The amount of views needed is commonly considered to be 100,000 in a 24 hour span. From there the video will take on a snowball effect from shares and likes. Posting time alone is just as important as the content. Statistically speaking, Friday after lunch (about 2:30) is the best time. Workers are in a food coma from lunch and winding down for the weekend. But even this isn’t a guarantee.

…defining a viral video is much easier than making one. In fact, Nalty says he’s posted the same video twice and seen one go viral, but not the other, leading him to conclude that “you never know” what will resonate with viewers. (aol)

There are two routes that can be taken when creating a viral. You can go low cost, low quality or high cost, high quality. Either way the rule of thumb is that not every video you make will go viral. You might have to make twenty videos before one hits the right timing and relevancy.

So, you make a ton of content hoping one of them goes viral for your marketing campaign. What should you expect to get out of this kind of campaign? Viral videos go viral for a reason. They awe, inspire, or make you laugh. What they don’t do is look like an advertisement.

Most viral videos are just entertaining and just provide good branding for the business…Which makes you realize what Viral Video Marketing really is: A publicity stunt caught on video. (designseo)

Now you may be thinking “let’s throw money at it and pay people to show our video.” This isn’t a bad idea, but there are acceptable and unacceptable ways in this community. The acceptable way is to partner with an online celebrity that already has a subscriber base that follows their videos and recommendations. This is common practice and is accepted by the viewers. What will not be considered viral is when you pay for your video to be shown before other videos start.

isn’t the appeal of a viral video the warm feeling your brand gets because thousands of people are sharing a fun video about you?  In this scenario, thousands of people just can’t avoid your video. (business insider)

Viral marketing is going to be a gamble no matter how you go about it. There are things you can do to make sure the campaign has some foundation though, such as adding a viral campaign into a larger marketing campaign. When a viral video has success, it can become a staple in itself.

Take Old Spice, whose “Old Spice Guy” campaign (which included both social media and TV commercials) helped the brand generate tens of millions of views on YouTube and increase sales by 107 percent. (aol)

According to data from The Nielsen Co. and SymphonyIRI Group, the Old Spice ads weren’t a wash-out. On the contrary, they produced a flood of sales . (bizreport)

If only I’ve mastered the recipe for instantly turning into an internet sensation, I could have made it to the headlines by now. Endless articles and books have been composed guaranteeing to show anybody how to make viral substance that tackles its very own existence after it’s conveyed into the online world.

Truth is, only a few individuals have fully mastered the process of creating viral contents on purpose – especially on a substantial scale. To help us better understand what the subject matter is all about, check this out.

The Anatomy of Going Viral

[Via: Single Grain – A Digital Marketing Agency]

Now that we’ve learned the basics of a viral content, here’s a compilation of videos that made waves on the internet.

Video Marketing in 2015: 3 Explainer Videos To Get You Pumped Up

Coming up with striking content is the key component to successfully optimizing your videos. Without that, it’s almost impossible to naturally generate good views and drive traffic to your channel. If your goal is to obtain a substantial amount of views, make sure your content is either engaging, entertaining or informative, and most importantly, shareable.

Below are some of the best explainer videos that can help you clear out some questions about the conventions of video marketing in general. Furthermore, this videos can help you get started with your own video marketing campaign.

Mobile Marketing Trends 2015, Digital Forecast & future video

Video is engaging, informative, and most importantly, rewarded by Google when properly optimized.
Just like any other fields, research can be very helpful so that we can arrive to the most apt result we desire, thus it’s important that you know exactly what you’re doing.

If your brand has yet to incorporate video as part of your digital strategy, here’s proof that video is a powerful marketing tool and can work wonders in the world of SEO.

What is the Market Like for Video Marketing?

When assessing the market for video, marketing numbers tell the story well. More users, are watching more videos, more frequently than ever. According to comScore, a company which tracks online engagement, just over 45% of internet users viewed at least one video per month, and the average user is exposed to an average of 32 videos per month.

Looking further into the data we see that the average number of internet users who watch video each day has reached 100 million. When it comes to video in the retail space, 90% of shoppers at major retailers indicated that video played an important part in making purchasing decisions. Within companies themselves, video is also proving to be important, as 75% of executives told Forbes that they watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.

The key takeaway here is that video is no longer an optional part of a comprehensive content marketing strategy, it’s crucial.

Video Good for SEO

How Many Marketers are Using Videos?

A recent report of almost 400 marketing and business professionals, conducted by Demand Metric in conjunction with Ascend2, revealed that 69% of respondents had already begun to make use of video marketing. On the other hand, 31% were planning to integrate video marketing into their strategy moving forward (anyone not interesting in video marketing was removed from the survey).

Video is the Preferred Form of Marketing Content

Aberdeen Group research report which examines how the best organizations utilize video in their content marketing strategies compared with the industry average and companies late to the game, noted that video has become the preferred form of marketing content.

The report acknowledges that video marketing is utilized by over 90% of the companies surveyed and that it is playing an ever-growing part in the content marketing mix thanks to a significant positive contribution to ROI. The research concluded that video marketing was the most popular form of content, followed by white papers and 3rd party research.

Ad Targeting: A Facebook Ads Tutorial | Facebook for Business

Facebook Videos: YouTube’s Biggest Future Competitor

The sudden explosion of video traffic on Facebook wasn’t all luck. It’s a result of a well-thought blueprint that engineers at Facebook have been working on. Although, there’s no official account how long it took them to finish it all up, we’re pretty sure the entire process was a rigorous one.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg: “We expect more marketers to put mobile video at the heart of their campaigns in the future …” (Eric Risberg/AP) Image Source

The seemingly unassuming engineers at Facebook have quietly revamped the social network’s interface to make viewing and sharing videos as seamless as it’s ever been. Facebook’s current 1.4 billion users are generating 4 billion video streams in any given day — a number that looks very alluring seeing it from a marketer’s point of view.

Just because Facebook’s executives say the video push isn’t about profit or gaining competitive edge, that doesn’t mean YouTube, which has been dominating online video for the past years, shouldn’t be worried.

An article written by Erin Griffith gives us the exact standing of Facebook videos, where it’s headed and how it will affect the current conventions in online video advertising.

How Facebook’s video-traffic explosion is shaking up the advertising world

Facebook’s video traffic has reached 4 billion daily views, making the social network YouTube’s first real rival in online video—and an even tougher contender in the battle for digital ad dollars.

Cenk Uygur can pinpoint the day he realized that Facebook video was going to rewrite his business model. It was April 6, the day his digital-video startup, TYT Network, uploaded a clip to the social network called “Teachers Sent to Jail FOR DECADES.”

The video didn’t strike Uygur as anything special—just a typical example of his network’s progressive news commentary. But by lunchtime, it had racked up 7 million Facebook “impressions,” or people who saw it in their Facebook News Feed. By the time he finished eating, it had added another million. He looked again when he arrived at his Los Angeles office: 9 million, total. And after he taped a show: 15 million. A day later, 18 million people had seen it. The day after that? Twenty-three million.

Looking over the stats, Uygur, who is TYT’s CEO, thought about all the videos his startup shared on the social network. “Oh, my God, these are all going to pop,” he thought. “It’s just a matter of time.” He had a second thought: “Our business is going to double.”

In recent months that kind of “oh, my God” moment has occurred for video creators around the world. News site BuzzFeed’s video views on Facebook grew 80-fold in a year, reaching more than 500 million in April. A series of eight videos by digital-media startup Mic garnered 33 million views in just two months. TYT has watched views grow by 10 times in four months. Dozens of other sites are reporting similar results—great news for them, and even better news for the social networking giant.

Seemingly overnight, video uploading and viewing have exploded on Facebook, where users now watch 4 billion video streams a day, quadruple what they watched a year ago. It’s happening because the social network’s engineers, quietly and with little fanfare, have retooled Facebook’s interface to make video easier than ever to watch and share. In February 2014, only a quarter of all videos posted to Facebook were uploaded directly to the network, while the rest came from Youtube or other video sites, according to analytics company Socialbakers. By a year later, the ratio had flipped: 70% of Facebook’s videos were uploaded directly.

These may sound like minor technical distinctions, but tiny changes make a huge difference when you’ve got 1.4 billion monthly active users. Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram already account for one out of every five minutes Americans spend on smartphones, and Facebook drives nearly a quarter of all web traffic. The company’s recent video improvements will likely push those numbers even higher. And while the surge will help the social network do even more to entertain bored millennials, there is also big money at stake. Facebook is, after all, in the advertising business. The new video-tech innovations not only encourage its users to spend more time on the site, but they also make it easier for marketers to reach those users.

Facebook has already proved that it’s a quick study in the ad world. Mobile advertising, a meaningless sliver of its business three years ago, made up 73% of its $3.3 billion in advertising revenue in the first quarter of 2015. It’s the main reason Facebook’s total revenue has roughly tripled over that stretch, and it’s the driver of the network’s current $226 billion market cap and gaudy 40% operating profit margins. Video, especially mobile video, could blow up just as dramatically for Facebook, offering a gateway for advertisers to reach digital consumers in the format that most closely resembles television—just as the migration of advertising dollars from television to digital reaches a tipping point. Facebook has become “synonymous with mobile,” Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s vice president of global marketing solutions, said at a recent investor conference. “I think that the next frontier is becoming synonymous with mobile video.”

To reach that frontier, Facebook is plowing resources into its video products at a rate that has executives buzzing at the television networks that are steadily losing ad spending to the Internet, and at the agencies that broker that spending. Above all, the push is raising questions for Google’s YouTube, the big kahuna of online video for the past decade, which for the first time faces a competitor that can match its reach.

Facebook’s mission-driven executives, famous for downplaying any profit motive, argue that the video push is not about money or getting a competitive edge—it’s about giving users what they want and connecting them to the content that matters. Still, “the TV money is coming,” says Richard Raddon, co-CEO of Zefr, a video data company. “Everyone is waking up to the fact that this is war.” Facebook doesn’t speak the language of conflict, but it suddenly looks very well-armed.

When companies talk about stuff like this, we know what will come next. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing video ads on the contents we see on our feeds.

This development came handy as more big-time advertisers are gonna spend their dollars on video advertising in 2015. It’s projected that expenditures in video advertising will reach at least $8 billion in this year alone. Queenie Wong in her article detailed how video ads on Facebook will likely roll out:

Video ads on Facebook, other social media on the rise

Social-media companies such as Facebook and Twitter are making a stronger push to attract lucrative video advertising as more people use computers and smartphones to watch videos online.

And marketers have jumped on board, turning to social networks not only to get eyes on their products but also to better target their ads to likely customers, using the trove of data these sites gather on consumer interests and characteristics.

Nestle, Lionsgate, McDonald’s and Ford are just some of the big brands that have shown video ads on Facebook.

“These (social-media) companies went from just talking about or lightly testing video to deploying it in a pretty big way,” said Paul Verna, a senior research analyst at eMarketer. “There’s kind of a perfect storm now of consumer behavior, technology, development and content availability.”

Verizon became the latest company to ramp up efforts to rake in more video-ad dollars when in May it made a $4.4 billion bid for AOL, a move that not only gives the phone company more video content but the technology AOL has for selling ads.

“The eyeballs are there,” said Anna Bager, senior vice president and general manager of mobile and video at the Interactive Advertising Bureau. “There’s so much content now and so many viewers that everyone is taking an interest in the market.”

Fueled by the growth in video on social networks, marketers are expected to spend $7.77 billion on digital-video ads this year in the United States, up 30 percent compared with 2014, eMarketer predicts. That’s still just a fraction of the $70.59 billion the research firm expects television to make from advertising — but digital-video spending is growing much faster.

Watch out for deceptive marketing online

With the rise of advertising costs party due to competition, many will try take advantage of the situation. Beware of companies luring you to pay for youtube views or any other internet marketing schemes. Make sure that you only deal with legitimate agencies whose track record is solid and can produce real results.

To learn more about it, read further.

‘Don’t believe everything you see online,’ and ‘if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.’ These warnings are often voiced by the Problem Solvers. A recent online video shows why.

“I was sort of curious, so I clicked on it,” says Debbie Allen of Aloha.

It was an advertisement that popped up on her Facebook page. The 45-minute infomercial promised 20/20 vision in just days.

The promotional video featured Dr. William Kemp from Virginia. He was identified as a board certified optometrist and creator of the Quantum Vision System, a series of eye exercises that guaranteed improved eyesight.

But there was more. For $37 you’d receive Quantum Memory, Quantum Lie Detector, and Quantum Reading. The video included testimonials from satisfied customers. It also included Dr. Kemp demonstrating the effectiveness of the program to people that he pulled off the street near his Virginia clinic.

But hold on.

Problem Solver Shellie Bailey-Shah found the location used in the video. It wasn’t Virginia; it was Northwest 19th and Northrup in Northwest Portland. And the clinic pictured wasn’t Dr. Kemp’s office. And actually, Dr. Kemp isn’t a doctor at all. There’s no record of a Dr. William Kemp practicing in Virginia.

Bailey-Shah tracked down Portland actor Gary Powell, who played Dr. Kemp in the video, at his Northeast Portland home.

Powell said that he was hired last summer to play the part. He said he’d not seen the video and was unaware that he was never identified as an actor not a real doctor. To reiterate, nowhere in the Quantum Vision video is such a disclosure made.

And that’s the problem. The Federal Trade Commission requires, among other things, any endorser’s qualifications to be real, even on social media.

255.3 Expert Endorsements

(a) whenever an advertisement represents, directly or by implication, that the endorser is an
expert with respect to the endorsement message, then the endorser’s qualifications must in fact
give the endorser the expertise that he or she is represented as possessing with respect to the

And Facebook’s own advertising policy prohibits deceptive, false or misleading content.

Prohibited Content
Ads must not contain any of the following:
e.  Deceptive, false, or misleading content, including deceptive claims, offers, or business practices.

Bailey-Shah asked Powell if he ever thought that the video was suspect.

“To me, it seemed kind of odd,” states Powell. “That’s all I can say.”

Bailey-Shah then asked Powell whether he has any involvement with Quantum Vision, beyond the making of the video.

“No, I have no involvement with them whatsoever,” denies Powell.

Powell said that he was hired and paid by a local production company, Berry Media Works. The owner, Bill Berry, told the Problem Solvers that he was hired over the phone by a man from Web Seeds. The man, Chris Fox, provided all the scripts. Unlike most jobs, Berry did not edit the finished product but instead uploaded the raw footage to Dropbox.

And that’s where the trail goes cold. All attempts to contact Web Seeds or Quantum Vision have gone unanswered.

Allen said that she won’t be ordering the Quantum Vision system.

“No, I’ll still continue to wear my contacts and use my glasses, unfortunately,” says Allen.

The Problem Solvers have filed a formal complaint with the FTC and asked it to investigate the marketing practices of Quantum Vision.

The Problem Solvers advise when you’re dealing with a new product or company, make sure to do your homework and verify that the business, at minimum, has a legitimate address and phone number.

This article was written by Shellie Bailey-Shah and originally appeared at


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